Happy Diwali Decoration 2018 – Best Diwali Decoration Ideas For Homes & Offices

Happy Diwali Decoration 2018: Diwali is the brightest festival of the year and lights, crackers and sweets are its main components. It is believed that Lord Rama returned to his capital, Ayodhya so people of Ayodhya celebrate this day by bursting crackers and Diwali decoration. Year after year the entire Hindu community celebrates this festival of light by illuminating and decorating their houses and offices. We should decorate our houses with recyclable Diwali decoration items because this is the best way to contribute for eco-friendly Diwali. We can use handmade Deepavali decorative items for decoration. This year let’s gather some of our friends and do Diwali decorations at home.

Happy Diwali Decoration | List For Diwali Decoration Items

There is a huge variety beautiful and attractive Diwali decorative items available in the market for the customers to decorate their houses. Some people use only Diwali decoration lights and some people make handmade items for their house decoration. We suggest you to use recyclable materials to decorate your house. In this article, we have some interesting ways to make your house more beautiful.

  1. Diwali Decoration Items – Diwali Toran

Diwali Torans are usually placed at the entrance of a house to welcome guests. Traditionally, people make these Torans with mango or coconut leaves but now a day the time has changed as people buy these plastic Torans from the market. This Diwali tries some Diwali decoration ideas and makes own home made Toran with colorful card board and papers.

Diwali Decoration Ideas

  1. Diwali Rangoli Decoration

People make some colorful designs on the floors of courtyards which are called Rangoli. Today, we have ready made kits and stencils in the market. So let’s motivate our children to make some beautiful Rangoli designs for Diwali home decoration.

Diwali Rangoli Designs

Diwali Rangoli Decoration

  1. Seashells Candles For Diwali Decorations

Let’s adopt some creative Diwali decoration ideas homes as we can use seashells to make candles. The only thing that we need to do is to collect the seashells and then decorate them with glitters. Then we can use them as candles. It is one of the most innovative Diwali decoration ideas for home.

Diwali decorations at home

  1. Diwali Decoration Lights

Diwali lights create the magical colorful ambiance around us. Now a day, we can observe lots of colorful lights in the market. We can either buy them or can create our own beautiful light. We can use colored painted egg carton cutouts to create our own fairy lights.

Diwali lighting decoration

  1. Diwali Lanterns Decoration

Diwali lanterns are very simple and useful Diwali decoration ideas for offices. We can do this by using old colorful jars and gold dimensional puffy paints. Colored paper bags can also be used to make these lanterns. These lanterns will only take your creativity and some time but it will amaze you with the results.

Diwali decor ideas

  1. Diwali Decorations – Wall Hangings

Lots of people believe that these Diwali wall hangings are the best Diwali decorations ideas because it is very easy to make different wall hangings with colored cardboards and other decorative stuff. You can also search for Diwali Diya decoration along with wall hangings as both of them are essential for Diwali decoration.

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