Happy Diwali Wishes messages in Marathi 2018 | Diwali Marathi images greetings

Happy Diwali Wishes messages in Marathi 2018: Diwali is a significant festival that is celebrated every year in the month of October and November and it one of the most important festival of India.

Diwali is celebrated to commemorate the return of lord ram from the long exile of 14 years along with his wife and his brother so in order to welcome them, all people of the kingdom lighted diyas everywhere to mark the victory of good spirit over evil one.

Diwali wishes in Marathi 2018

  • गणेशपूजा, लक्ष्मीपूजा, दीपपूजा दिवाळीला,
    उधाण येवो आनंदाला, उत्साहाला, हर्षालहासाला,
    वंदन करूया मनोभावे आज त्या मांगल्याला.
    दिवाळीच्या अमाप शुभेच्छा…!


  • लक्ष्मण देवियोनी उजाळली निशा गहिबुनी उमड,
    नवी आसा हॉटेलाने सर्व सेवा पूर्ण केल्या आहेत,
    दिवाळी चयी तुझे खाप छाप शुभेच्छा
    दिवाळी 2017 दिवाळी…!


  • Pahila diwa lagel dari,
    Sukhacha kiran yeil ghari;
    Purn hovot tumcha sarv iccha,
    Tumha sarvanna ”DIWALICHA” hardik-hardik shubhech!


  • Safalta Kadam Chumti rahe,
    Khushi Aaspas ghumti rahe,
    Yash Itna faile ki KASTURI Sharma Jaye,
    Laxmi ki kripa itni ho ki BALAJI bhi dekhte rah jaye,

Happy Diwali Wishes messages in Marathi 2018 | Diwali Marathi images greetings

Since then every year Diwali is celebrated to mark the triumph of good over bad. This festival brings prosperity and happiness in everyone’s life and no matters whether someone is poor or rich every one can celebrate this festival by lighting even a small Diya as the main motive of this festival is to drive away the darkness and for darkness, a small diya is enough. For happy Diwali messages in Marathi 2018 keep reading this post.

People start doing preparation for this festival many days ago, clean their house, the whitewash is done, and people buy new things for their homes. House is decorated with electric lights, garlands, lanterns and with so many decorative items.

गणेशपूजा, लक्ष्मीपूजा, दीपपूजा दिवाळीला,उधाण येवो आनंदाला, उत्साहाला, हर्षालहासाला,
वंदन करूया मनोभावे आज त्या मांगल्याला. दिवाळीच्या अमाप शुभेच्छा…!

पर्व है पुरुषार्थ का दीप के दिव्यार्थ का देहरी पर दीप एक जलता रहे
अंधकार से युद्ध यह चलता रहे! आशीषों की मधुर छांव इसे दे दीजिए
प्रार्थना-शुभकामना हमारी ले लीजिए!!

दीपावलीच्या शुभक्षणांनी आपली सारी स्वप्न साकार व्हावी ही दिवाळी आपल्यासाठी एक अनमोल आठवण ठरावी, आणि त्या आठवणीने आपलं आयुष्य अधिकाधिक सुंदर व्हावं.

Happy Diwali Wishes messages in Marathi 2018 | Diwali Marathi images greetings

Girls make rangoli in front of their house and also make footprints from rice flour as the symbol of footprints of the goddess Laxmi Ji towards their house. In the evening prayers are offered to the god and goddesses, sweets, flowers are offered to them. After this diyas and candles are lit up, the first diya is placed in the front of god and goddess, then candles and diyas are lit up everywhere in the house.

Varieties of dishes are prepared on this day and people enjoy a meal with their family members and relatives. Then after having dinner, fireworks are done and the whole sky fills with the brightness of the colorful crackers. On Diwali people wish each other and visit their relatives and family home to wish them and to exchange gift and sweets with them. Younger take blessing from elders and elders give a gift to their younger one.

Latest Diwali wishes in Marathi

  • धनलक्ष्मी, धान्यलक्ष्मी, धैर्यलक्ष्मी, शौर्यलक्ष्मी,विद्यालक्ष्मी, कार्यलक्ष्मी, विजयालक्ष्मी, राजलक्ष्मी..या दिपावलीत या अष्टलक्ष्मी तुमच्यावर धनाचा वर्षाव करोत,शुभ दिपावली!


  • Laksh Divyani Ujalali Nisha Ghevuni Navi Umed,Navi Asha Hotil Purna Manatil Sarva Ichha!Divalichya Tumhala Khup Khub ShubhechhaHapy Diwali


  • Aai aai Diwali aai, Saath me kitni Khushiya laayi,Dhoom machao, mauj manao, aap sabhi ko Diwali ki badhai.Happy Diwali


  • दिवाळीचा पहिला दिवा लागता दारी,सुखाचे किरण येती घरी,पुर्ण होवोत तुमच्या सर्व ईच्छा,आमच्याकडुन दिवाळीच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!

Happy Diwali Wishes messages in Marathi 2018 | Diwali Marathi images greetings

We know that Diwali is approaching and you want to convey your wish and love to your loved ones but you want to wish them in your own language so for all of them we have brought latest Diwali messages in Marathi that you can send to your family, friends, and relatives.

We always bring things keeping you all in mind and as we know that you all love your language so especially for you all we have brought happy Diwali greeting in Marathi.

We have a huge collection of happy Diwali wises messages in Marathi so you can send unlimited messages to your loved ones and that too free of cost.

Happy Diwali 2018 Wishes in Marathi

Raam prabhu jab van se aaye
Ayodhyavasi khusi manaye
Saji Ayodhya dulhan jaisi
Sabne ghar me diye jalaye.


lakshya divyanche toran lyali
uthanyacha sharpsh sugandhi
faralachi lajjat nyari
rangavlicha shalu bharjari
aali aali diwali aali


Yashachi roshanai
Kirtiche abhyang snaan
Manache laxmipujan
Samrudhhicha faral
Premachi bhaubij
Asha mangal diwalichya
Aplyala shubhechha.
Happy Deepavali


लक्ष्मी आएगी इतनी की सब जगह नाम हो आपका , दिन रात व्यापर बड़े इतना अधिक काम होगा आपका
घर परिवार समाज में बनोगे सरताज , एहि कामना है हमारी सिर्फ आप के लिए दिवाली की ढेरो शुभ कामनाये
Happy diwali 2018

Happy Diwali Wishes messages in Marathi 2018 | Diwali Marathi images greetings

Diwali the festival of light has its importance in every aspect of life, especially for Hindu’s, this festival is celebrated with lots of joy and happiness. The day is celebrated by performing traditional rituals and offerings to goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh.

This festival is enjoyed basically in India as well as Malaysia and Singapore too, earlier the festival was immensely promoted with the help of some Indian culture Promoters, to let other countries also know about the importance of this festival and enjoy this festival the way we Indians use to enjoy.

Happy Diwali Wishes messages in Marathi 2018 | Diwali Marathi images greetings

There is n number of ways to celebrate this festival some best-known ways are to a firecracker and burn oil lamps or diyas on regular basis for 5 festive days. In several parts of India, the 5 days festival starts with Dhanteras, followed by Narka Chaturdasi on the second day, with celebration day known as Diwali, then the fourth day signifying the Diwali padva dedicated to wife-husband relationship, and the last day with Bhaiyadooj dedicated to brother and sister bond, with this the whole celebration ends in a unique way.

Diwali Marathi wishes for WhatsApp

पहीला दिवा आज लागला दारी,
सुखाची किरणे येई घरी,
पूर्ण होवो तुमच्या सर्व इच्छा,
दिपावलीच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा.
धनलक्ष्मी, धान्यलक्ष्मी, धैर्यलक्ष्मी, शौर्यलक्ष्मी,
विद्यालक्ष्मी, कार्यलक्ष्मी, विजयालक्ष्मी, राजलक्ष्मी..
या दिपावलीत या अष्टलक्ष्मी तुमच्यावर धनाचा वर्षाव करोत,
शुभ दिपावली!
Happy Diwali 2018
यशाची रोशनी, समाधानाचा फराळ,
मंगलमय रांगोळी, मधुर मिठाई,
आकर्षक आकाशकंदिल, आकाश उजळवणारे फटाके!!
येत्या दिवाळीत, हे सगळं तुमच्यासाठी !!
दिवाळीनिमित्त सर्वांना लक्ष लक्ष शुभेच्छा!!
Mazya sarv Guni mitrana Diwalichya Hardik Shubhechchha…
Aapn rojach baher “Dive”laavta, ata “4” divas gharatch dive laava..

Happy Diwali Wishes messages in Marathi 2018 | Diwali Marathi images greetings

During these days people also enjoy this festival by sending special wishes to their loved once residing around the globe, as well as in neighbor, families share home-cooked sweets in the form of gifts, some prefer to buy chocolates and dry fruits and present them as a gift, most of the male in-house like playing cards with other family members and friends after the celebration ended for the whole night.

The best part of the celebration of any festival is the way you wish you’re loved ones and as we are living in the society where social media sites have more importance than meeting and wishing each other face to face. so today the way of wishing has also changed, social media sites have been experienced as positive as well as a negative way of living life. Positive for those who are living far away from their family and friends. Negative for those who are living nearby and do not have that much time to enjoy the festival with their family members residing near to their house.

Marathi Diwali images wishes

Happy Diwali Wishes messages in Marathi 2018 | Diwali Marathi images greetings

Happy Diwali Wishes messages in Marathi 2018 | Diwali Marathi images greetings

Well, sorry I forgot that this, not the debate session where we are discussing the positivity as well as the negativity of social media site. You are over here in search of Happy Deepawali 2018 wishes in Marathi. So please scroll down for some exciting, funny as well as unique Diwali Wishes in Marathi WhatsApp to be sent to your family members as well as friends. This Diwali experience that cute smile on their faces by sending them Happy Diwali 2018 Text SMS in Marathi for WhatsApp and Facebook.

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Stay tuned to the link we’ll be back soon with some more exciting Marathi Diwali wishes and ways to celebrate this special occasion. Happy Diwali Friends enjoy and be safe.

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